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Disney Villains Asks

The Evil Queen:Something I want
Gothel:My age
Cruella:My favorite animal
Jafaar:Three wishes I would make
Ursula:My favorite song
Maleficent:Something that makes me angry
Hades:A goal for the future
Madam Mim:My favorite color
Queen of Hearts:The sports I play
Scar:How I get along with my siblings
Clayton:What I would do with a thousand dollars
Shan Yu:A country I want to visit
Gaston:Something I like about myself
Frollo:A guilty pleasure
Dr. Facilier:Do I believe in ghosts?
Madame Medusa:My birthstone
Lady Tremaine:Do I want kids?
Captain Hook:The story behind a scar I have
Syndrome:A superpower I want
Ratcliffe:A material possession that I love

I just love Channel 4’s tribute for all the lgbt people in the winter olympics



If we mutually follow each other on here there’s at least a 20% chance I’ve referred to you in a real life conversation as “someone I know”


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Best of Frozen valentines

I spat my water out at the last one I was laughing so hard


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Middleearthgirls [fandom jewelry] giveaway!

 handmade polymer clay jewelry from etsy


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❧ We can’t wait to give some jewelry out to 2 lucky winners! Namárië, Live long and prosper, and may the Force be with you!

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i think i lost an electron i’d better keep an ion that

are you positive?

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